Make your own rustic farmhouse desk

January 24, 2017

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If you’ve read any of our other posts, you know that we have a home bakery called Good Comida. This means that my house has been taken over by large sheet pans, large storage bins, packaging supplies and large quantities of ingredients. In the first year, it worked out fine to store most of the items in the basement but after a while, it was too much of a hassle to have to run downstairs all the time for supplies.  I needed an office space with a desk, a rustic farmhouse desk!

My current dining room was the perfect space to turn into an office since it was right next to the kitchen.  Instead of spending a ton of money on a new desk, I decided to make my own!

rustic farmhouse desk

There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest  for tables that have a wood top and metal bases and I knew that was the look I wanted.   My vision was a nice long table with lots of work space and breadboard style ends to it. The ends really bring the whole desk together. So off to my local hardware store I went. I started by going straight to the plumbing department for black metal pipes.

That alone was quite the adventure as I was definitely the only woman in that area.  There were lots of plumber type guys in the aisle! It was a bit overwhelming once I got there since there were so many sizes and parts to choose from. I knew the sizes and quantities of the pipes I needed but I had to make sure I had all the right pieces.

I ended up laying the pipes and other parts out on the floor so I could visualize it better. That’s when I realized that my store didn’t have all of the pieces I needed in the right sizes.  I had to reevaluate my plan on the spot. I originally wanted ¾” pipes but since the store didn’t have all the pieces I changed it to 1” pipes. It turned out even better to have the larger pipes since the table is so long.

Then it was off to the lumber aisle. Again I ran into an issue. I originally wanted 3 – 2 x 12 pieces of wood but after taking a look at the wood and seeing that they were all cracked or bent in some way, I needed to come up with another option. So I decided to try my local lumber yard instead of another hardware store for reclaimed wood.   They did not have any reclaimed wood but when I told the salesman that I was making a desk he suggested I try some red pine tongue and groove boards he had.  I fell in love with the beautiful wood right away.

rustic farmhouse desk

To make the desk, I cut a 2”x4” piece of wood into 2- 21” pieces for the sides of the table to make it a breadboard style. I attached them using my Kreg jig. My favorite new tool. It is so easy to use and makes a really strong hold.

rustic farmhouse desk

I stained the wood with Verathane wood stain in Espresso and just did one coat. I let it sit on the wood for as long as it took me to stain the entire top and sides.   Then I wiped it off with a rag. It is so beautiful! And the detail that the tongue and groove design give it is my favorite!  I thought about flipping it over and using the flatter side of the wood.    But, I really liked the detail from the tongue and groove.  So I left it as is. I love how the front of the desk shows the open groove. It gives it a great detail and makes it stand out from just a regular piece of wood.

I am so happy with the final piece! Now it just needs some décor and I have an awesome desk!

rustic farmhouse desk

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