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​Custom made for your celebration! 



$55/ doz

** Minimum 1 dozen

** See "Extras" for upcharges

These 3"-4" standard size cookies are perfect for party favors, school celebrations, or thank you gifts!

Intricate details, and extra wording may slightly increase price



$65/ doz

** Minimum 1 dozen

**See "Extras" for upcharges

A seamless mix of our standard size cookies, perfect for any occasion! A compilation of up to 4 different designs specifically tailored to your special event.

Intricate details, and extra wording may slightly increase price




**Add additional centerpiece cookies for $6 each

**Add additional mini dozens for $30 each

**See "Extras" for upcharges

A large centerpiece cookie accompanied by the perfect mix of 18 mini cookies to compliment your theme seamlessly!

Mini cookies will have simple details

Up to 3 different designs of minis



$40/ doz
**Minimum 2 dozen

**See "Extras" for upcharges

A perfect addition to your sweets table! These mini cookies are an average of 1.5" to 2.5" of adorable deliciousness that can be added to any standard size cookie order to round out your dessert display, or a minimum of 2 dozen can be ordered on their own!

Mini cookies will have simple details

Up to 3 different designs

Plain Dozen

$38/ doz

**Minimum 2 dozen

The basics! Get our delicious classic vanilla sugar cookie with royal icing without all the frill. This option can be added on to another option by the dozen, or ordered by themselves with a 2 dozen minimum.

Your choice of circles or hearts

Size is standard size (about 3.25 inch)

Only one shape, no mix and match, these are the only 2 choices of shape

Your choice of one icing color, no designs

**Add sprinkles for $2/doz

**Add gold splatter $2/doz

 Detailed Characters

$96/ doz

**Minimum 1 dozen

**See "Extras" for upcharges

Bring your cookies to the next level with your favorite characters included into the design!

1-4 Characters incorporated into a set with various colors.



**Gold detail: the intricate process of hand painting edible gold onto each cookie will add an additional $7 per dozen to your order.

**Extra wording: our base price for each set will include simple words or lettering, adding extra wording to your design will be an additional charge based on the intricacy and detail added.

**Ribbons and Bows: our base price for each set includes individual baggies for each cookie, heat sealed for freshness! Adding a ribbon or bow to each baggie will be an additional $6 per dozen.

**Additional colors: our base price for each set will include white, and a few different additional colors, most sets will fall under this category. If your set requires a large array of additional colors, there will be an extra charge based on the specifics of each order.

**Rush Fee: Please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your date. Orders placed less than 10 days in advance will incur a 25% rush fee. Thank you for your understanding!

Made in a Home Kitchen

Registration # CFO FA0040102
Ventura County
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